Welcome to GATEWAY to 21!

Teachers wear many hats. Make no mistake, our day does not end when the bell rings. Our work day extends well into the evening. If we are conscientious, we organize ideas; plan and create lessons/units, compile materials and resources, research our work, analyze student artifacts to make informed decisions, contact families and align all of our work! In short, we have to be well organized and prepared, surgeon like in our approach every day.

At GATEWAY TO 21 (Gto21) we are teachers, we understand both the pressure and time constraints.

As teachers and coaches, we have been collaborating and brainstorming with our peers; making sense of our daily practices, and connecting the dots with the new initiatives. We have compiled some of our work and developed specific resources to serve as a “GATEWAY” to the 21st Century.

As with any educator, we have our beliefs and philosophies that underpin our practices. Regardless, the resources we have created and utilize in our own classrooms will fit into any curriculum, because they are simply aligned to standards.

Whether you follow the cycle we discuss (Assess, Analyze/Plan, Teach) or if you simply choose to utilize some of the resources we have put together, our intent is to provide our colleagues with one location to access many practical and relevant resources.

We will continue to add resources to our site as we grow, and welcome feedback so that we may authentically deliver the resources you need!


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